Around The World in 80 Hours

iPhone Documentary

Posted by Ronald Eddy on Saturday, January 17, 2015

This 6 part documentary series following an adventure around the world in just 80 hrs to see how technology continues to shape our lives entirely captured with an iPhone.

Episode 01:

Around the World in 80 Hours: New York City: Crossroads of the World

We start in New York City: the crossroads of the world. It’s a great place to set the stage for the questions that got me started on this adventure.

Episode 02:

Around the World in 80 Hours: Community Revolution: In Your Hand

Connecting with each other has been one of the key motivators that has been driving human technological innovation. Isn’t that why we are all hooked to our smart phones?

Episode 03:

Around the World in 80 Hours: DUBAI: A City in the Making

Dubai is extreme. The Burj Kalifa, the worlds tallest building. Palm Island, the biggest man made island. Indoor skiing, world’s largest mall, and the Dubai Fountains. A 12-hour layover on my trip around the world provides a look at the “WOW” of Dubai that you would expect, and some that you wouldn’t.

Episode 04:

Around the World in 80 Hours: JETSETTER: The World at your Fingertips

Getting around the world in 80 hours involves lots of FLYING. Along with flying, I’m sure you can think of a long list of complaints that go along with it: tiny seats, tiny bathrooms, terrible food, crying babies. This episode is about none of that and all of that.

Episode 05:

Around the World in 80 Hours: The Great Wall of China

One point four billion people, a global factory, ancient culture, a great mystery, a great wall. I don’t think there is any way to really understand this country by walking through Tiananmen Square. China has thousands of years of history. It’s been a key player in global history for millennia and always has a complicated relationship with the west. Today is no different. Is this a communist country, is this just the factory for the technology revolution, or is it something more?

Episode 06:

Around the World in 80 Hours: Circumference

After nearly missing my flight out of Beijing and running out of time to make it, we’re back to Time Square in just under 80 hours. A little reflection then time for a shower and sleep in an actual bed. {% youtube V860nuGrbdg >}}

Film Review

This film was shot and directed by Andy Yardy. Inspired by the Jules Verne book ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, the film is an exploration of our technology revolution, from air transportation to how we live and communicate with each other in a world that is more of a village than a planet.

It looks awesome for being shot entirely on an iPhone. A brilliant idea to use a piece of technology we all have in our pocket to make a documentary about how technology has changed our lives.

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